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White Label Web Design

We make you look good!
100% White Label
For agencies, graphic designers, marketers and ICT providers.

Want to offer your customers web design services – white label?

Our white label web design services give you the option to easily package our services as your own; they’re fully branded for your business. Providing web design, web development and website support services to your customers has never been easier. We have everything you need in white labelled services including:

  • Website Design & Development

  • Website Maintenance

  • Website Hosting (Australian Servers)

  • Website Management & Updates (PAYG & Recurring)

  • Website Migrations & Conversions

No request is too much for us at Getmilk. We’ll deliver what your customers need, end of story.

Our goal is to make your life easy.

We don’t dictate to you how to run your business and we definitely don’t expect you to change the processes and tools that you’re comfortable with. At Getmilk, our white label services are flexible and accommodating to agencies from all walks of life. As long as you’re serious, we’ll get along just fine.

You and your team can have as much or as little input into each white label project as you like. So controlling white label costs is simple and easy. It’s entirely up to you!

Project Briefs

Your project brief can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Whilst we love clear direction and scope of works, we do understand that time is money. If you’re time poor, send your Getmilk account manager whatever, however, whenever. They can even liaise directly with your client as a representative of your agency if you like.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our job is to deliver exactly what customers want by ensuring that every project meets your expectations and exceeds those of your client.

We make it easier than ever to work with Getmilk. Even better still, and unlike freelance web designers, we’re not going anywhere. This is our full time gig and we’ve being doing it for over 20 years.

So yes, we’d love to partner with you to satisfy your needs. 😉

If you’re an SEO Business, Digital Marketing Agency, Graphic Designer, Telco, Hosting Company, Franchise Group or Industry Association, we’d be proud to partner with you to provide affordable white label web design solutions to your customers.

Matt Wheatley

CEO & Senior Account Executive

White Label Web Design Services & Pricing

Getmilk is a web design company with a difference. We’re affordable, inventive and here to stay. We specialise in web design, web development and web support services for all types of businesses, whether they’re our customers or yours.

If our experience working with agencies has taught us one thing, it would be that all agencies have different requirements. It’s not a one size fits all approach when it comes to white label web design services and costs. All clients are different, and at Getmilk we understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to offering White Label services.

Custom Web Design

Project Based Quote

We’re WordPress specialists and we will transform your brief (big or small) into a website masterpiece for your customer with a custom and unique design.

Brochure Websites

Fixed Pricing Model

Are most or all pages in the website using the same page layout? We’ll smash these websites out of the park for your agency. 

Cookie Cutter Websites

Fixed Pricing Model

We can work with you to build your ideal cookie-cutter website to suit smaller businesses and common requirements.

Landing Pages

Fixed Pricing Model

Need a quick and simple landing page solution for your client to get the ball rolling with your service offering? We’ve got you covered.

E-commerce Websites

Project Based Quote

Whether it’s a single product e-store or a fully fledged catalogue of products and categories. We’ll do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Website Updates

PAYG or Recurring

If your client needs new pages, adjustments to page content or blog posts added, we turn these around with lightning speed. You only pay for what you or your client asks for.

Website Maintenance

PAYG or Recurring

Keeping WordPress plugins and core functionality up-to-date is easy with Getmilk. You no longer need to worry about breaking your client’s website.

Website Migration

Fixed Pricing Model

If you need a WordPress website moved from a previous supplier, we’ll take care of it for you swiftly. The previous supplier won’t know what happened! 

Website Conversion

Project Based Quote

Struggling to do your job on some weird CMS or platform that doesn’t play nicely? At Getmilk, we love converting these old websites into agency friendly WordPress websites.

Website Hosting


If you offer hosting, that’s not a problem for us. But if you don’t, we have affordable White Label WordPress hosting. It’s fast, reliable and located in Australia.

Website Monitoring

PAYG or Recurring

As part of our White Label Website Hosting, we offer website monitoring so you know if there is something that needs attention. Well before your client does!

Client Discovery Calls


Need a website expert on a call with your clients to answer those questions that could come up? With years or experience, we know what to say and what not to say. 

Client Training & Documentation


We offer online screensharing sessions, easy to follow video documentation and boring old text documentation that is specific to your client’s website.

Client Support

PAYG or Recurring

Whether it’s via your agency or direct to the client as a representative of your agency, we’ve got White Label website support down to a tee.

Research & Recommendations


Wondering what the best solution is to meet a client request? We can research WordPress plugins to determine if they will do the job and we’ll recommend next steps and direction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We talk to agencies every day so we’ve listed below a handful of common questions they have about our White Label Web Design Services.

What is white label web design?

White label web design is the process of engaging a third-party company to create websites and provide web design services that you offer to your clients and customers as your own.

At Getmilk, we build your customer’s websites crediting your Agency as the designer/creator/developer etc. Your customers won’t know we exist.

This allows for a flexible solution that can meet the specific needs of your customer while also providing an additional revenue stream for your Agency.

Is white label web design cheaper?

In most cases, yes! And for good reason.

Margins are important for both of us. And we need to make sure that the relationship is worth it. So as we build this relationship with your Digital Agency, our team will streamline and continuously look to improve efficiency based on your previous expectations, requirements, and volume.

Overall, this enables us to reduce costs for all stakeholders and improve your agency’s web design service revenue.

How much does white label web design cost?

White label web design can be up to 50% more cost-effective than your own in-house team of web designers.

No minimum hours or other employment obligations and you don’t need to deal with training staff members.

Is white label design the same as freelance web design?

Definitely not.

Our team at Getmilk is in-house and unlike freelancers who disappear more often than not, we employ qualified and motivated staff.

Freelancers are usually a one time gig. For us at Getmilk, White Label Web Design is our gig and we aren’t going anywhere.

More importantly, months down the track if/when you need something done to your clients website, you can rely on Getmilk being available.

Do I have to use Getmilk for all my work?

Of course not. Even if we tried to pull that one, how on earth would we police it?

You are free to come and go as you choose. Keeping in mind, we aim to please with long term relationships by optimising costs and project efficiency.

Who talks to my customers?

Most of the time, Agencies prefer to keep communication solely between themselves and their clients.

On occasion, we may get a request from an Agency to jump on a video or phone call with their client. We are able to accommodate this and discreetly attend as a representative of your business.

As far as your client is concerned, we are members of your team.

How do I know you won’t steal my customers?
If we did that, our model that we spent years developing would be a huge failure.
Who invoices my customers?
You do. That side of things is none of our business. However, if you want us to bill them direct, this can be arranged.
How much should I charge my clients?

Ultimately what you sell our services for is up to you but we can guide you with  range on how much a project would be worth end-to-end.

Whether you add 300% margin or simply pass on cost to add value to your other service offerings is none of our business.

Who does what?

From project to project, you can do as much or as little as you like.

If you want to provide us with a design for one or two pages, great! If not, we’ve got your back.

Maybe you’d rather throw us some examples of other sites. Again, we’ve got you covered.

Basically, we’re happy to work with whatever works for you and your business.

Can I use my own hosting?

Of course you can.

It goes hand in hand that we offer hosting as part of our white label services, however we don’t insist that you use it.

As long as your hosting has Cpanel and MySQL, we’re more than happy to use your hosting.

There are a small handful of hosting companies we’d rather not deal with, but we’ll suck it up if we need to.